Getting to know each other

This conversation should offer an assistance for you to get into the topic. Whether it comes to a co-operation or not, you will take many valuable suggestions and tips with you.
  • Learn to know each other to see wether the chemistry is right.
  • Examination into you wedding planning, in case already a little bit exists.
  • Collection or/and developement of your wishes and ideas.
  • Introduction into the Framework of a wedding planning.
After this you'll have a clear picture of how a wedding planning runs off and about the status of you personal wedding planning. In addition, you will know me a little in order to be able to estimate if I could be your wedding planner or not.

Start Paket

In this paket I will provide for two alternative wedding plans suitably on your whishes and budget:
  • I try to embed as much as possible of your already existing wedding planning or planning parts if available.
  • It contains an entire expiry plan for the wedding day.
  • It contains a complete To-Do-Liste to enable you continnuing on your own, if you whish.
After this paket you will be ready for a wedding planning on your own if you whish.

Supporting you on your "Do it yourself planning"

You created an wedding plan yourself and like to organize you wedding on your own? In case you just need some additional support with a special aspect of the wedding, where you got stuck, I'm happy to support you, only in that aspect. Any thing else will completely stay in you hands.

Co-ordination of the wedding day

Enjoy your wedding day without thoughts about schedule or organisation. I'm on site and take care about those things. I'm the contact for guests and sevice providers and solve unexpected occurences. If whished I also can take over the moderation.

Since asked several times
  • I also take over the complete oranization of weddings.
  • My service is only privded in the area around Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart.