Although this is in general a German Homepage and I only provide my services in the area around Ludwigsburg, I give here a small presentation in English to enable couples that are not that familiar with the German language to get me better to know. A main reason for this is my specialization in the support of inter cultural weddings. I myself as a German Croat marrying a Turkish Austrian also had an inter cultural wedding, and I know about the special topic to keep an eye on.
Of course I also support weddings with a focus on other topics.
Especially for couples who want to plan a lot of their wedding on their own, but get stuck in some areas where they just do not have the right ideas or contacts, I support with a partial planing. Of course I also take over a full planing as well as an on-location co-ordination of a wedding.
If you are interested in some more details do not hesitate to contact me. You are very welcome to contact me via phone, but please don't be surprised that I will need the first few minutes to get my rusted English back running.

Your wedding planer

Katarina Yigit